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Instant Turnkey Website

Turnkey means that the website is built fully complete and ready to show case your business.  There is no building or creating on your own because all of our templates are beautifully designed and populated with industry specific content and artworks.  In addition, our website is constantly updated to keep up with changes in technology and industry.

We Believe that Your Website Represents Your Business Even When You Aren’t Looking At It.  Our Job is to Connect The Different Ways Your Users Experience Your Brand through Technology.



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Everything start at signing up.  Go ahead, give it a try.  This could not be any easier.  You will be done in no time.


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Choose an industry specific template to use for your website.  You can also preview the template or change it later.

site & url

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Select your site and url information from a selected list of industry specific domain names.  If you want a custom domain, you can change it later.

business info

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At this point, you can fill out information relating to your business like address and contact information.  Your website will be updated correctly.


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Now that everything is completed, you can test and launch your customized website.  See how easy that is?  That’s Ocogi.

What We Offer


Your website is built with industry specific features and functions that connects to your user experience.  We use industry “lingo” that suits your business. 

Visual & UX Design

A modern and mobile friendly website conveys professionalism and legitimacy.  Go ahead, take a look at our template and decide for yourself.


What trends are transforming your industry? We keep up with changes in the industry and technology for your website so you can focus on your business.

Launch & Monitor

We make launching your website easy.  How about monitoring for success?  No worry, you are not alone.  We partner with you every step of the way.






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Have an Industry in Mind?

We are constantly building out new industries.  Do you have an industry in mind that you would like to see?  Do you have industry expertise to share?  If we pick your idea, we will give you a free year of our premium service.  It’s a win-win proposition.